What are the best call tracking platforms around?

best call tracking platform for your business

What are the best call tracking platforms around? Are you looking to buy the best call center call tracking software? Do you want some improved features in your call center platform? In the current condition, you will not have any difficulty to find a call tracking platform. The options will be many. You just need to choose the right one to meet your specific needs. You will have to go through some key features including cost efficiency, ability to analyze the call, recording features, and quality of the calls. For your help, following are the details of the five best platforms.

Call Source

Call source is one of the best platforms available to meet many of your specific needs. It will track the phone number of every caller. It will record the calls and will identify the advertising sources as well. The best part is that it will review and filter out the non-prospects from all of your tracked calls. It will offer you an accurate cost-per-lead analysis. Besides, it will analyze the employee’s sale’s skill while reviewing and grading all your sales calls. It will also block telephone hacking and spam calls. As it uses the cutting edge technology, you can expect some other benefits including right scoring and true leads.


Twilio offers all the basic call tracking services. This platform is easy to access. They will offer you a customized solution depending on your unique needs. They will enable you to receive unlimited inbound calls. You can also buy a virtual phone number in real-time. They will measure every call and will send the data to your CRS system. You might prefer this platform for the simple design. It can be an ideal choice if you are running a small business.

Call Fire

Call fire has some developed features. It is an SMS enabled call tracking platform that uses a call tracking number to send you the text messages for the quick inquiry through the Google analytic. It can track your spending by reviewing your advertising performance. Some other features are the custom notifications, record any inbound calls, low cost local and toll-free numbers, and Google analytic integration. You might need to spend a little more for this platform.

Call Tracking Metrics

You might have heard about this platform as it is quite popular among the users for offering a cost-effective solution. It is affordable and comes with many improved features. You can listen to the calls to evaluate the leads, to train your staff, and to get the details of the customers. In fact, the audio files can be emailed instantly. Some other features are the unlimited users, whispers, real-time reporting, dynamic number swapping, and tracking offline and online advertising.


Delacon will give all the details including the time, length, date, and result of the calls. You will also get the geographical number and phone numbers of the callers. It will track keywords, the device of the caller, online browsing activity, URL, and much more. It is integrated with Google Universal, Google Analytics, and Sales Force along with others.

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