3 Simple Tips For Using Conference Call To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

So, for several companies the conference call has become a standard way of needing to do business. In these calls, ideas are expressed, suggestions made, and other directives as needed for your business to function. Therefore, the question is, “how do we make sure everyone gets something out of the experience?”

First on the list call center job description

If you were hosting a business dinner, or even your meeting on company grounds in an actual training or meeting room you would make sure each guest was greeted in a timely manner. This process is no different in this environment, as the operator announces the presence of a new arrival take a moment to greet them. Perhaps if it is the first meeting, and it is applicable, have each member introduce a little about himself or herself. This simple act will make them feel like more of the group, and more willing to get involved in the discussion.

Next item to remember

Even though you are the host, do not try to monopolize the entire conference call. Permit others to get involved in the discussion, and perhaps if the conference call involves computer workstations (i.e. GoToMeeting) allow someone else to share their screen. Performing these simple actions will, you are your guests less as if they are in school, and more involved in a business meeting. This brings me to another quick, and very important topic about etiquette make sure all users, including yourself will not be disturbed during the conference call. This will include closing your email program, and closing non-essential interoffice programs (i.e. Skype, or other office communicators). Therefore, the host can be assured that the guests are not checking email, or conducting other conversations while in the call. Furthermore, the host doing the same actions, will assure that no one will be watching who emails you, and they will also know you are 100% invested in the call with them.

Most important to remember

We are almost home free, as we have just one more important step to remember to do. Take the last 5-10 minutes of the call, and recap it. You will do this for a wide variety of reasons, however, mainly to know that everyone understood what was presented, and what they need to do. Next, the recap is your way of personally knowing how involved, and productive this conference call was. Finally, either in the call, however, I always prefer after the call and anonymous, ask for feedback. This is essentially them grading the meeting, the presenter, and giving you tips on how to make the next meeting that much better, and productive.


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